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Bollywiki is a bollywood wiki aiming to deliver easy to access information on all of Bollywood’s Actors, Actresses & Movies.

We differ from other Bollywood sites and wikis by offering a unique take on Bollywood. From providing user ratings, popularity charts and other trends, you will be able to see exactly what’s hot & what’s not in Bollywood.

Keep an eye out, as there will be lots of new features coming soon!!


30/05/17 - Ratings system has been put in place. You can now rate Movies, Actors & Actresses. A portal showing the top 10 of each of these is displayed on the Main Page.

06/06/17 - Comments section now added on all wiki pages.

12/06/17 - New wiki page layout with dedicated Twitter timeline frame.

29/06/17 - Link to full list of Top Actors, Top Actresses & Top Movies can be found on the Main Page.


  • Sharing articles via popular social media sites 'share' buttons